fredag 13 september 2013

And I’m a goddamn coward, but then again so are you...

So time for a music post again.
The Lion's Roar - First Aid Kit (this one is perfect! perfect! perfect!)

Flaws - Bastille (I love Bastille, and this "tone down" version of Flaws is a-m-a-z-i-n-g..) Seen It All - Jake Bugg (he is just amazing... his music is!) Two Fingers - Jake Bugg Lightning Bolt - Jake Bugg Broken - Jake Bugg
Next videos I found through Swedish Idol, that started two weeks ago. Where this dude came and played one of his own songs and I was like... seriously?! he is a mix of Ben Howard (sound/music style) and Lewis Watson (looks). So I googled a little bit and found his band. They make music in both swedish and english, I do prefer de english.. but the swedish songs are really good too. And also I think you need to youtube Jens Hult - Whisper and listen to it! Clouds - PartFunk (But take a look and listen to this live version, this is the cutest video ever.. haha and you hear his amazing voice so much better in live versions: Someone New - PartFunk Ett Sprit Språngande Liv - PartFunk (one of the swedish songs, and this one is really good. But I still want music in english, haha.)

onsdag 4 september 2013


I thought that I could start posting photos from old photo-shoots, that I haven't uploaded yet. 

I'll start with one of newest though.. always the "wrong" way. 
But these two photos are from a spontaneous photo-shoot we did on our way to my place. 
For more photos you can visit Evelinas blog that she updates about her movie she's going to be in. She's one of the main characters in it.. and the blog is about the process:

ps. its in finnish. And also, i've made the blog -designed and so. 

Farewell party

Pictures from our farewell party for Eve, who moved to Paris for a couple of months.
And these are from a fish-spa we visited a couple of weeks ago with eve.

måndag 2 september 2013

Skip to the good bit

I want to write a lot about my first year in Helsinki, but i'm not going to do that.

But I'm gonna post photos from our last school day and write something... a little something..
Here we have some of my class mates, not all of them. Amazing people, amazing year.. what an adventure I've had with these. 
we had fun, as we did a lot the last year. But we did share a lot of tears this year also.. a lot of feelings, it's almost scary but beautiful. This is my brother (Veli which means brother), my amazing, amazing, amazing friend Henna. I can't even describe how much I love her, she's an inspiration and I almost feel like she's my big sister (we kind of are.. in our hearts <--- cheesy, haha). But seriously, one of the best person i've ever met!
this year was an adventure for me... and now to new adventures. 
Two of my darlings moved to the north. One moved to the US, another to Paris, another to London, one is going to Denmark... all over the world. Miss everyone already. But it's pretty amazing that I have friends all over the world, heh. 
Here we have some pictures that are Janinas (the girl on the first picture). 
Look at all those pretty faces.... and that last photo is my favorite photo of this year (those 3 together).