söndag 29 december 2013

until we meet again.

So the last day in London, before we took the train to Paris.
some last minute primark shopping and some double decker riding

Bye bye London, until next time!

(need to go back soon again, if not this spring.. then summer 2014.)

London by night

Once again, outside walking in the dark. London is so extremely beautiful in the dark. 
just look at everything, it's like walking in the land of gold. (cheesy)
but seriously?!!! look!!
and we walked by the theatre where we saw D.R this summer (The cripple of inishmaan)
oxford street. 

Winter Wonderland

Me, R and K went to Winter Wonderland... and as I've said before I love christmas.
Already amazing, before stepping "inside".
A lot of dancing, live band, twins dancing funny, happiness.

beautiful lights (these are not from Winter wonderland, but they could have been from there, haha.)
These are form WW.
Spreading love.
The girls.

had an amazing time at winder wonderland.

dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing.

This was the coolest thing on Winter Wonderland.
a mixture of two of my favorite things, fantasy and christmas.

the end.

lördag 28 december 2013

London darling number two

Pictures and more pictures.visited Ben in the evening.and walked around London to look at all the christmas lights and decorations. 
 London is full of life.
Carnaby street..or should I say Cranberry street?... It's not always easy to remember.
two of these pictures are from our street in earls court where we stayed.
and here we are. eating.
On friday it was christmas jumper day. (need to show mine)
ah, loved that car! 
London eye and R.
walked around and took pictures of Tower bridge seconds before the rain started poring down like never before. We didn't have to take a shower that night.. ha-ha
R took these.
also here, she took a picture of me and one of my Js. 
some of R photos from here camera. She found One direction candy at primark. 
R and Ben.and our street and the first hotel (we stayed at another hotel the last night) 

London darling

Pictures from my and R:s little trip to London before christmas!

We slept 2 hours the night before London, woke up about 4 -5 a.m. and took the flight to London. 

The first day was chaotic... or not before we landed in London. 
We where supposed to live at a friends place, but we ended up with having to find a new place to stay. But luckily we found a cheap hotel in earls court that we enjoyed staying at.
(that was a short story of a loooong story ^)
Tired, but so excited.six pictures form Rebeccas camera that morning.
We went to piccadilly after we left our luggage at my friends place.
and to urban outfitters so I could drool on their clothes, particularly these shirts. 
and that one in the corner also. 
and R was happy when she saw one direction on a bus, hehe.
I had to go and look at the harry potter and lotr stuff att the toy store and also R found something for her.

once again it's night.. super late. 
So I don't even know what i'm writing...

måndag 2 december 2013

Copenhagen in november

Second post.
Pictures from the other days in Copenhagen. These are all my photos from my camera i'm going to put up.

I'm going to edit R's photos and put up some of them soon.
me and H.
This place was so cute and this band was cute, haha.. and their ladys.
We did rent bikes, loved my bike! didn't want to leave it in Copenhagen... 
And at H's place, loooooved it!

So this is christmas...

A long time since my last post.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Denmark with R to visit my friend. So, I have a lot of pictures from the holiday.

The pictures in this post are from "Tivoli" in Copenhagen, they have decorated the area with christmas lights and everything christmasy. I'm a christmas lover, so it felt like heaven.
The entrance was overwhelming... just look! 
Rebecca didn't even know what to say.. 
look at the moon, ah!
everything was so nice, couldn't stop saying wow, omg... kind of annoying to be honest. 
and these trees, they were my favorites!  

We went to the pirate ship and we did drink some rum.... hot chocolate. (I did brun my tongue, arrgg!)

  everything was amazing. 
I really shouldn't write comments under my pictures...  but I do.

I'm going to upload some more pictures and hopefully a video really soon..hopefully!!