måndag 28 januari 2013

Oh eyes like wildflowers, oh with your demons of change.

Have been busy the whole week, had a concert on thursday, went to ikea on saturday and bought furniture (pictures coming soon), have had friends over both yesterday and today.

Now it's late, once again.. so i'm going to bed soon.
But I was going through my pictures on my computer and found a lot of pictures from different photoshoots and other photos from last summer that I could try to upload someday when I have time.

and here we have a picture of my cousins eyes, her eyes are just SO BEAUTIFUL.
have pictures of her and my other cousin from a photoshoot from last summer that I haven't uploaded anywhere yet, so those i'm going to try upload someday- soon.

tisdag 22 januari 2013

Please don't say you love me

It's late and I should be asleep by now, because I decided to start waking up earlier. I love mornings, but i'm up until 3 a.m. like every night and that's why I need to sleep at least until 10, even though i'm still tired at that point.

I would love to not need to sleep, because there's so much I want to do.. but the time just flies by.
But then I also like sleeping, the thing about sleeping that I don't like is that It feels like i'm wasting time, hah.

Enough about that "problem of mine".

Here we have 2 pictures of me today, I'm wearing my lovely flower-jacket-thing. Bought it from my fav second hand store.
And tomorrow i'm gonna pick up my books that I've waited for, yey. And on thursday I have a concert so tomorrow in school we'll be working on the songs we sing at the concert.

+ sorry for my writing.. me + writing when i'm tired = not so good.

so long.
ps. one of my new obsess-songs is Gabrielle Aplin's - Please don't say you love me. (It's up here tomorrow probably.)

söndag 20 januari 2013

Téa, only love.

This is what I've done today, listened to Only Love -Ben Howard (that I bought on itunes yesterday, I had to). And a lot of teá has been consumed today.

Right now i'm watching a documentary about the massacre on Utøya. Those kids are so brave, I can't even imagine what they've been through. We'll see if I can sleep tonight, after seen that.. and imagine what they've seen? horrible.

stay strong people.

lördag 19 januari 2013

Darling I feel you, under my body, only love, only love

I'm probably gonna post a lot of music videos because music is 90% of my life and there is so much good music out there that I want everyone to know about.

So, today i'm going to post 3 videos of Ben Howard. He is pretty amazing, almost falling in love with him, haha.

Here we have Only Love by Ben Howard, which is amazing.
The guitar playing, the song, the man.. everything is perfect. 
(I wanted to learn it on guitar, but the tuning on the guitar is so different so I felt pretty lazy when I noticed that.. but someday I'll learn it because it's amazing.)

My second favorite song of his, it's beautiful.

And last but not least a cover of Call me maybe.. this one is perfection. I love everything about this cover & video. Love when he laughs when he sings and the drummer who plays bas is cool and the girl and yeah... no words.

A beautiful disaster

Hello, or something.

I'm sick and been a couple of days already (to be honest, 3 weeks). But I've been home from school and so since wednesday. Haven't done almost anything else than read, read this two books (picture).

First: Best of me by Nicholas Sparks
I did like it, apart from the end.. or I could guess the end so it felt like those movies you watch and can guess what happens next. But It was only the end I didn't like, everything else was good.

Nicholas Sparks is a good writer and have written a lot of other good books, but this wasn't my favorite.

Second: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
I must say that I didn't know anything about this book before I started, or almost (I did read the back). But I didn't  have any expectations so I was kind of blown away, I love'd it.. and couldn't stop reading it. I did read like 70-80 sides on thursday night and yesterday I did read the rest of the book, I couldn't put it down. So I recommend this book A LOT, even though it probably is a book for teenagers / young adults, so it depends on what you like.. it's kind of like twilight, but "real" & better. (and yes I did like the twilight saga). And whit "real" I mean that there is no vampires and ware wolfs in this story.

and I did find out that there is coming out a second book in april, called "Walking disaster", which is the same story but in the eyes of Travis (the guy), 'cause beautiful disaster is from Pigdes/Abbys (the girls) point of view. I'm so looking forward to this book, I'm loving to know what goes in the mind of Travis.

Now I haven't any books home so I can't read more, though i'm waiting for a delivery with a lot of books... But, probably don't get them until next week.

lördag 12 januari 2013

New years eve at Helldone

Haven't had time to edit the photos from thursday yet, but maybe tomorrow!

Here we have 2 pictures from new years eve, when me and my friend went to the Helldone fest-i-val. That is HIM:s new years eve- concert that's kind of legendary, and I've dreamt of going to the festival since I was 13 years (so, in 7 years).
And almost didn't make it this year either, but I won tickets to the concert- so i'm like the luckiest person alive. The only bad thing about "the concert" was that I was sick, but I did enjoy it anyway.

All my pictures are incredible bad, so I don't want to upload more. 
I know that my friend has a couple of photos, maybe she have something I can upload. 

fredag 11 januari 2013

...Never something I could hide

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At last it's friday & I got home from school a while ago. My headache is turning me crazy, but i'm going to try make a couple of post's with pictures.
I have a lot of pictures to upload, but I'm going to upload pictures from our photoshoot we had yesterday to begin with.

This is from where I live, or pretty close.. so beautiful at night.

måndag 7 januari 2013

Watching all the people act, I don't know all the facts...

My day has been really good.

I've bought some new clothes, three teá/coffeé cups that I've wanted for months and now they where on sale, i'm so happy about them. I also bought two books, because I decided yesterday that I need to start reading books, so now I started. Then one of my friends came over with sushi and we played some Beatles and had a laugh.

I've also been practicing on my next concert- song, Sunrise by Norah Jones.
I love it when I get a lot done, so I'll try to wake up early tomorrow. I'll probably get like 5 hours sleep 'cause it's over 01:00 already and I'm not going to bed anytime soon.

So this post was probably pretty boring, but I felt like posting it anyway.

some lyrics from my song, "Leave you behind". 

söndag 6 januari 2013

The devil on my shoulder

Here we have to songs I'm obsessed with right now.

There's so much good music, i'm so happy everytime I find something that I Iove. 
I must also say that 90% of the music I've been listening to the past year is from England, Ireland or Scottland. And mostly acoustic music that is amazing.

Here we have lovely Orla Gartland, and two of her originals The ground & devil on my shoulder.
- hopefully these videos work, cause for me they turn to her song Jealous.

You hold me like a ghost

A couple of photos from yesterday.

Leave you behind

This is my original song "Leave you behind". The "sound" in the first version of this song is completely different to this. But one day me and my friend Stina started recording, we did use my little home studio and improvised a lot of stuff and this is what it ended up sounding like. And the video is made by Stina.

If you like the video:
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Whateverland is where you live

Me and my friend Stina took some outfit pictures at the mall this friday.
I've decided that this blog is going to be about everything. This blog was supposed to be a "fashion-blog", but there's so much more I want to blog about. So today I decided this to be a blog about "everything" I want to share with you guys.
This shall be the start of something new, a new blog & a fresh start.

lördag 5 januari 2013

I haven't even been there, but I know I want to.

So, this is my new blog.

I'm Amanda and i'm currently living in Helsinki, Finland where I moved August 2012.
Before that I lived 20 years in Sweden, which means that I've lived there until I moved here. 

So at the moment i'm studying singing and chasing my dream of being able to live on my music. I'm writing music, singing, playing guitar, piano, listening to others play music,  making music with others and that kind of stuff. All things I love. 

And I also have a dream of living in London, so funny 'cause I haven't even been there. But i've decided a couple of weeks ago that this summer i'm going there! 
Maybe I should start with visiting it, even though i'm pretty sure I'll like it... pretty much sure. 

I alson decided that i'm going to write everything in english in this blog, so I don't need to decide if I should write in Swedish or Finnish. And of course so I can practice on my english.

There's a lot to say, but i'm not gonna write my life story.
If there's something you wonder, just ask me.