fredag 17 januari 2014

Arc de triomphe de l'Étoile


Notre dame

Hobbits in Paris

Notre dame 
Bridge of love and happy people. (= me & R) 
Two hobbits. 
Royal tea.. haha 

Moulin Rouge & chocolate

Montmartre II



And in the evening we went to Montmartre, ohmy.. it so beautiful.
and walked pass this weird store? 
ah everything was just beautiful. 
and the view...!!!  
Montmartre was my favorite place in Paris. 
I think we all liked it.. who wouldn't?
ye, tourists.
Lights, sight, sunset night.
happy girls.

Paris day two

The second day we had a photo-shoot for the movie E is going to be in. I will upload pictures when I can, but you can see one photo at (its the banner/header):

It was fun, I really enjoyed it.
 I was in a fight with this dude, he tried to steal something from my backpack... just look.
 R was wearing her new primark dress, so pretty.After the photoshoot.
you happy? seems like it.

Au revoir London, Bonjour Paris!

These pictures are form the evening we arrived to Paris!
E had prepared dinner for us.
tired after a long day, but happy to be in paris.