söndag 23 februari 2014

Bastimental & Elvis

Music and more music!
Here we have a couple of really different "bands/artist", that I've been listening to a lot the past weeks.

Budapest - George Ezra, one of my favorite artist at the moment. His voice is just amazing, and I get that Elvis vibe from it (I love elvis, so.). and also take a listen to this: Cassy O - George Ezra Bastimental!!! .. okay, Rudimental and Bastille but.. If you didn't watch brit awards this week, you probably haven't seen this.. and if thats how it is.. WATCH!!! ah, amazing! and both are coming to finland (and I'm going to the festival Bastille is playing.. but I want to see Bastimental.. or at least rudimental too.. heh) Animal Keeper - George Barnett 
saw George barnett on live stream this week, when we were about to see Lewis Watson.. and this dude is super talented, and if you like muse i'm pretty sure you are gonna enjoy these songs! Don't tell me - George Barnett (this one is super muse -style.. in a good way!! not in the way "he stole it/can't write his own.." He's amazing.) Numb it - HoneyHoney 
we saw honeyhoney in Denmark when we saw Jake Bugg, and I had never heard about them before that. They are really good! and they where amazing live also!  Scream (Funk my life up) - Paolo Nutini He has released a new single after what feels like 100 years and it's SO GOOD! I love Paolo Nutinis music and i'm extremely excited for his new album!!!!! And now a cover of Wannabe - Spice girls The amazing Orla Gartland... take a look! she's super cool. and another cover of Pharrell williams - Happy this time it's Conor Maynard, and this video just make me happy! (and that boy can sing!!) Battles - Hudson Taylor (this one is gooooooOoood!) Set sail - The boat song you need to go look at their youtube channel and look at their videos! They've been touring the world, the videos are "The world tour" - series and they've also done a USA roadtrip! It looks just amazing, I want to do that too! + they are super talented.. just look at this cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fezWRC5xA8 (listen and look at the drummer!!!!) Money on my mind - Sam Smith, his voice is just!!!!! Rather Be - Clean Bandit, the question is who hasn't listened to this yet? I love her voice!

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