fredag 22 januari 2016

Eurotrip 2015 / Amsterdam / Second /

We started the next day with breakfast at The blue teahouse in Vondelpark.
We did walk around Vondelpark for a couple of hours.
Look at it!!!!!!!! soooooo green and pretty!

after Vondelpark we took the tram downtown..
stopped to draw a Amsterdam sign and take a picture infront of Anne Frank's house.
Then some drooling over secondhand clothes and as the nerds we are, we had to find the bench from Fault in our stars and take a picture...... haha. And got to witness some kids screaming and being cray cray over it. 
and foooooooooood. We ate nutella strawberry waffles, had some coffee and tried febo burgers.
more pictures on the way....

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