måndag 2 december 2013

So this is christmas...

A long time since my last post.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Denmark with R to visit my friend. So, I have a lot of pictures from the holiday.

The pictures in this post are from "Tivoli" in Copenhagen, they have decorated the area with christmas lights and everything christmasy. I'm a christmas lover, so it felt like heaven.
The entrance was overwhelming... just look! 
Rebecca didn't even know what to say.. 
look at the moon, ah!
everything was so nice, couldn't stop saying wow, omg... kind of annoying to be honest. 
and these trees, they were my favorites!  

We went to the pirate ship and we did drink some rum.... hot chocolate. (I did brun my tongue, arrgg!)

  everything was amazing. 
I really shouldn't write comments under my pictures...  but I do.

I'm going to upload some more pictures and hopefully a video really soon..hopefully!!

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