lördag 28 december 2013

London darling

Pictures from my and R:s little trip to London before christmas!

We slept 2 hours the night before London, woke up about 4 -5 a.m. and took the flight to London. 

The first day was chaotic... or not before we landed in London. 
We where supposed to live at a friends place, but we ended up with having to find a new place to stay. But luckily we found a cheap hotel in earls court that we enjoyed staying at.
(that was a short story of a loooong story ^)
Tired, but so excited.six pictures form Rebeccas camera that morning.
We went to piccadilly after we left our luggage at my friends place.
and to urban outfitters so I could drool on their clothes, particularly these shirts. 
and that one in the corner also. 
and R was happy when she saw one direction on a bus, hehe.
I had to go and look at the harry potter and lotr stuff att the toy store and also R found something for her.

once again it's night.. super late. 
So I don't even know what i'm writing...

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