lördag 28 december 2013

London darling number two

Pictures and more pictures.visited Ben in the evening.and walked around London to look at all the christmas lights and decorations. 
 London is full of life.
Carnaby street..or should I say Cranberry street?... It's not always easy to remember.
two of these pictures are from our street in earls court where we stayed.
and here we are. eating.
On friday it was christmas jumper day. (need to show mine)
ah, loved that car! 
London eye and R.
walked around and took pictures of Tower bridge seconds before the rain started poring down like never before. We didn't have to take a shower that night.. ha-ha
R took these.
also here, she took a picture of me and one of my Js. 
some of R photos from here camera. She found One direction candy at primark. 
R and Ben.and our street and the first hotel (we stayed at another hotel the last night) 

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