lördag 12 januari 2013

New years eve at Helldone

Haven't had time to edit the photos from thursday yet, but maybe tomorrow!

Here we have 2 pictures from new years eve, when me and my friend went to the Helldone fest-i-val. That is HIM:s new years eve- concert that's kind of legendary, and I've dreamt of going to the festival since I was 13 years (so, in 7 years).
And almost didn't make it this year either, but I won tickets to the concert- so i'm like the luckiest person alive. The only bad thing about "the concert" was that I was sick, but I did enjoy it anyway.

All my pictures are incredible bad, so I don't want to upload more. 
I know that my friend has a couple of photos, maybe she have something I can upload. 

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