lördag 5 januari 2013

I haven't even been there, but I know I want to.

So, this is my new blog.

I'm Amanda and i'm currently living in Helsinki, Finland where I moved August 2012.
Before that I lived 20 years in Sweden, which means that I've lived there until I moved here. 

So at the moment i'm studying singing and chasing my dream of being able to live on my music. I'm writing music, singing, playing guitar, piano, listening to others play music,  making music with others and that kind of stuff. All things I love. 

And I also have a dream of living in London, so funny 'cause I haven't even been there. But i've decided a couple of weeks ago that this summer i'm going there! 
Maybe I should start with visiting it, even though i'm pretty sure I'll like it... pretty much sure. 

I alson decided that i'm going to write everything in english in this blog, so I don't need to decide if I should write in Swedish or Finnish. And of course so I can practice on my english.

There's a lot to say, but i'm not gonna write my life story.
If there's something you wonder, just ask me.

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