måndag 7 januari 2013

Watching all the people act, I don't know all the facts...

My day has been really good.

I've bought some new clothes, three teá/coffeé cups that I've wanted for months and now they where on sale, i'm so happy about them. I also bought two books, because I decided yesterday that I need to start reading books, so now I started. Then one of my friends came over with sushi and we played some Beatles and had a laugh.

I've also been practicing on my next concert- song, Sunrise by Norah Jones.
I love it when I get a lot done, so I'll try to wake up early tomorrow. I'll probably get like 5 hours sleep 'cause it's over 01:00 already and I'm not going to bed anytime soon.

So this post was probably pretty boring, but I felt like posting it anyway.

some lyrics from my song, "Leave you behind". 

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