söndag 7 juli 2013

if you could fall in love like this, I would have done it a thousand times for you.

Some new music that I couldn't wait to share. This music post is perfection, it's the truth. No words needed, take a look and listen.. enjoy and you're welcome. Matt Corby- Brother... one of the best songs I've ever heard. And the boy himself is extremely handsome if I may say. Ben Howard - Old Pine (he was amazing, we went to his concert in London.. im in love.) John Smith - Salty and sweet. Hadn't heard him before the Ben concert, but he was the opening act. He was extremely good and such a funny lad and now i'm obsessed. Lewis Watson - Close. And the amazing lewis with a song form his new ep and the video is amazing... so harry potterish. Bernhoft - C'mon Talk. Wow, I say.. at last i found something like this.. or I didn't find it this time. My dear friend Henna told me about him 'cause she thought that I would like him, and man did I like? I love!

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