onsdag 10 juli 2013

The fire in your eyes will be bringing me to London

In this post all the pictures are from Rebecca, even though I have edited all the photos. But it's fun, 'cause they are from her perspective.

It's from the whole trip, i thought that I'll do one post with all of her pictures and write a little about the trip.
the picture of me and Rebecca is when we where exploring the city. 
we also went to Abbey Road, but couldn't take "The Beatles picture" 'cause we where only two. But next time. 
some proof of that I really was in London, haha. 
Here we have some pictures of me, Oran & Rebecca. Oran is our new friend, that we did get to know in London. We met at Piccadilly and did hang out the 2 last days of our visit. 
and now a little story:

There was this fun thing that happened when we where on our way to Westminister at night to take pictures of Big Ben etc.
We took the tube and had to change to another after a few stops, when we where about to change.. we kind of got lost and didn't know where to go. Then a man stopped and asked us if we knew where we where, haha.. apparently we looked lost.
Well, the man followed us to the tube and showed us all the way to westminister and when we where on our way Rebecca asked him if we really looked that lost? and he answered: Well, you do (to Rebecca), but she looks like she doesn't know what she is doing. (about me)
- apparently my I don't give a f* state I was in showed, 'cause I really didn't care about anything... never been so chill/calm.. in my life as I was in London.

and another little story:
at the same tube station that that happened in: There was two dudes in the tube that sang and laughed, it was hillarious to listen to. But anyway, the point is that they talked to us after and asked where we where from: Then it kind of sounden like this:
- Ikea! hahahha
- yes!
- Henrik Larsson?
- yes..
- Olof Mellberg?
- yes..
- Zlatan Ibrahimiovic?
and they laughed all the time.. it was really funny.
they did pronunce all the names with a brittish accent so Rebecca didnt even understand what they where saying.. sounded really funny! haha.

Then something funny to look at.. us! 
The first picture of these two is from when we where and watched the musical: Wicked.. it was so cool and amazing. The other one is from we where to piccadilly at night and took some photos.

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