tisdag 16 juli 2013


So, i'm doing these blog-post-things a little wrong.. I think.
I upload the newest photos first and then start to go through all the photos I haven't uploaded from the last couple of months..

Well, as they say: Better late than never
This post is all about Walpurgis 2013.
Had an amazing time with friends on a "picnic", where we played music, ate, laughed and the day also included some dancing.. one of the best days this year, had so much fun. 
a lot of people all around the park.
Me and Henna changed hats for a couple of hours.
this day included much singing and laughingplaying cards.
writing down lyrics so everyone that couldn't the lyrics could sing...
the we found some balloons. and then the dancing started and we left when there was only a couple of people left... 
we stayed a couple of hours.. pretty many I think to be honest.

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