söndag 7 juli 2013

Piccadilly Circus is where I found you..

Second day in London we went to the city and explored it. 
We went to piccadilly circus and fell in love with that place, our favorite place to sit down and chill.

Even though the first thing we did that day was go to Hammersmith so we could look where the Ben Howard concert would be, but another post about that. 

The 39 steps was the place we bought all our tickets, more about that later tho. 
we where walking down piccadilly and I spotted Dobby in a window.. and such a hp nerd that i'm I had to go in to the store. The store was a toy store with soooooo much stuff, the only thing I was interested was all the movie-collector-things.. so, thats what these are. I wanted everything.

 Look at all those things, omg. The letter I'm still waiting on...
and as I said, there where a lot of toys... 
Then we did some shopping, primark is close to h e a v e n... it was cheep, thats why. But the shopping in London was amazing everywhere. died.

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