fredag 19 juli 2013

World Village Festival

World village festival this year was fun.

Here we have some pictures from the festival.
The pictures are from Elinas camera and I have edited them.
we had a "picnic"where we listened to the "world village festival - song", that Essi sings in. Take a listen to it here (it's ni finnish tho):  

Me, Elina & Essi! 
they had amazing jewelry, food and other nice things you could buy. The stamp earring is my favorite ones. I need to buy them.
Before the "picnic" we went to watch our friends performance at the big theatre and later that day we watched Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble play. And the same day we also saw Don Johnson Big band.
Then we took some umbrella pictures. Pretty girls. 
It was raining, but it was fun anyway.

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