onsdag 31 juli 2013

I've got my heart, I've found my soul - I said I’m living in a lost generation

New music update again and I have another one coming up soon.
As I've said before this world is full of good music that needs to be listened too, so lets not waste more time on reading this and start listening.   Rizzle Kicks - Lost Generation, is taken from the new album 'Roaring 20s' .. which i'm extremely excited about, love RK.
Max Milner ft. Reeps One - The Mash Up. I noticed that I hadn't uploaded this and that can't happen 'cause this is the best mash up in this world and Max Milner is amazing, amazing, amazing! and check out Reeps One - wicked beatboxing.  Nina Nesbitt - Way In The World from her new EP 'Way in the World'. Ed Sheeran - Wild Mountain Thyme (cover). Ed's cover of WMT, which is a scottish folksong. Everything sounds perfect when Ed sing and plays..
Etham Basden - Leaving the lights on. I love this song, it's so beautiful.. I get all emotional when i listen to this.
- I listened to this when I was visiting my friends a couple of weeks ago.. and when I took the bus home I listened to this song on repeat.. 2 1/2 hour, in the dark alone in a bus - It was pretty amazing. 
Jasmine Thompson - Let Her Go (Cover). A cover of passengers song 'Let Her Ago', this one is amazing... her voice is incredible beautiful and she is only 12 years old!!!!

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